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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Picks for the Emerging Influential Blogs

I am participating at The Top 10 Emerging Blogs of the Year and i am nominating the following:

Micamyx-Dagupena Dreamer- The girl behind the online game i joined two years ago. She is also my co-worker. She's too devoted in her writing mainly about her family and her other addictions. I am hoping she earns a spot in the game.
All Star PBBFG - Seen this blog during it's season and the personalities were interesting. I hope I can join soon.

- The Infamous bisexual of Dagupan.

I only have my magic three!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

my unexplainable poses

02-22-2007 Pictorial before Negotiable Instruments RECITATION

Thursday, February 15, 2007

my 2007 valentine

Thursday, February 08, 2007

untitled 2007

my christmas vacation 2006

mhel, me and long time friends in college life

San Fabian Jammin

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Having A Brother So Unique?

Is it really love that goes on a 16 year old brother of mine? My brother is a very sporty person, but less on mingling with other person, on my observation as we grew up, he never showed any crucial thing that would make our family embarassed. But now im far from him, i don't think if i still knew what my brother was... it seems he changed a lot... the way he views things in life. My brother is a very simple person, he dont like extravagant things in life, his contented as long as he play and have gifts such as toys... wayback elementary and until his 2nd year in high school... i never new he would have a tremendous change, when he started asking me how to please a girl upon courting... i never realized that questioning would lead to his stubborness to me and to our loving parents... All of us know that our parents only want us in good condition in life in the near future, but my brother think it negatively... and act rebelliously.I dont know how he got that mentality of doing that...well as what God gave us the agency to choose what we thinks best for us. There's a lot of times i tried to understand what he is acting right now, maybe his just on a state of confusion on what really life meant for him and to us his love ones. I often give him reverse psychology and advises he listen for a while and after i would leave him to go far from home to go to school he would have forgotten it... i wonder why? and then i realized maybe he just got a temporary but come to think of it, how can he handle such life that seems so sad because he dont want to express himself to us his love ones...There were several times i ask him to share whats happening one his life now, and he answered too little and too puzzling... he narrate a little background on the girl he admirers, until he got on a relationshipship but its only on "sms", he sends gifts to the girl sometimes like stuff toys and months have passed they broke up, two of his x-girlfriend was of that situation... but the dissaster is here with his latest girlfriend named "_ _ _ _ _", i never liked this girl, i think shes just tooking advantage to the kindness of my brother. My brother is really insanely and blindly inlove with this phatetic girl, who happened to be the younger sister of my high school batchmate.And I hope God would help my brother to see whats best for him...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

me and friendsters at music warehauzzzz jammin

Harvest time and sa House with my brother,yaya and cousin edmar!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Baguio JPIA Convention (September 22-24,2006)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

hazel's debut w/ tol and me at consuelo hotel lingayen,pangasinan(09-16-06)


tol nasa likod c ramon hmmm...

yes malapit c jenifer sakin..

uyy tlga lng tol ah 2mingin pa d2 ...

me,jerry,kuya cris& gf rose
nagdradrama c tol..

girlaloo c tol...

hazrl the debutant galing...

the dancers

aba pwede ka na karen...for r...

Me, Mark,Paul,Carol&Maryann jammin(09-14-06)


mark dont take it to serious...

hmmm nakapikit me...



picture taken by manong driver...okey narin...

hmmm... ano naamoy mo te maryann?


relasyon hmmm..heheh joke...